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Rachael de Freitas

About Me

I am self taught stone sculptor working in a variety of different stones. I am drawn by the simplicity of this most ancient craft. I use no power tools or toxic chemicals - Just Stone - the raw body of Mother Earth, mallet chisels, presence of mind and awareness of body. It is a slow process, and in a sometimes overwhelmingly confusing, chaotic, noisy world, the stone speaks to me always of the value of stillness, simplicity and patience.
My inspiration comes from shamanic dreams, ancient folklore and mythology but at the core of my work lies a deep wonder and respect for the Earth, the wild and wonderful creatures who roam it, and the deep Mystery that encompasses all. I like to think that there is alot of LOVE in my work, for that is the intention and feeling i have when i create.
I find in every stone a secret waiting to be born, a silent beauty, a hidden power, a shard of lost wisdom, something that perhaps was always there but lain forgotten under the rock of ages slowly reveals itself with quiet dignity. Carving is a spiritual and meditative practice for me... it is alchemy.. it is my prayer!


Rachael de Freitas

I live and work in Carno. Mid Wales. If you require further information or prices please contact me direct at.

07871 598413